About MIK.O Recent Changes

MIKO is now past 200 days since our operation started way back August 18, 2019.

And in these past 200 days, we have seen and overcome many challenges.

So in order to survive the next 200 days, we need to keep on adopting to the current daily situation.

All markets as of the moment are at its lowest lows beginning this year 2020.

Sustainability Measures

So if we will not adopt to the current markt conditions, MIKO will die.

In order for MIKO to sustain, we have implemented the necessary changes to our current system and these are as follows:

Our plan is now 2% daily for 120 days. It used to be 2% daily for 100 days but we extended the plan for 20 days more.

This 20 day extention is actually a good news for those have active investments because the expiry date have adjusted.

Take note, you still get 2% returns everyday until your current active investment expires in 120 days.

The reason for this additional 20 days extension is to compensate our new daily withdrawal limits.

Before, we have no limits for withdrawals.

But as we’ve seen in the past 200 days, many investors are way profitable already and their accounts are snow balling to huge amounts due to the power of compounding.

Although compounding is allowed and perfectly legal, it is not good for MIKO while the market is at its low.

Our money is being trap in the market and without fresh money coming in, MIKO will soon run out of reserves as members keeps on withdrawing everyday.

So to compensate this imbalance, we have implemented a new rule for withdrawals.

All daily withdrawals now are subject to daily limits and below is the breakdown for your reference:

If you are not yet profitable, meaning you put money from your wallet and you have not withdrawn them all, then you are entitled to 2% of your active investment as your daily withdrawal limit.

But if you are profitable already, meaning , the amount you have withdrawn so far exceeds the money you put in using your wallet, then you are subject to 0.40% only of your active invesment.

So for example:

You put in 5,000 pesos in MIKO using your wallet. This 5,000 pesos is your “Risk Money”.

So if you have not yet withdrawn this 5,000 pesos then you are not yet profitable. so you can withdraw 2% of 5,000 pesos daily until your withdrawal exceeds your original 5,000 risk money.

And you keep enjoying 2% daily returns as long as your active investments is not yet expired.

Note: Daily withdrawal limit is capped at 2% of your active investment or $50 maximum daily withdrawal whichever is higher.

Another Example:

You put in 5,000 pesos in MIKO using your wallet. This 5,000 pesos is your “Risk Money”.

So if you have withdrawn more than 5,000 pesos then you are profitable already. so you can only withdraw 0.40% of 5,000 pesos daily because your withdrawal already exceeds your original 5,000 risk money and you are profitable already.

But you still enjoy 2% daily returns as long as your active investments is not yet expired.

Note: Daily withdrawal limit is capped at 0.40% of your active investment or $50 maximum daily withdrawal whichever is higher.

Last Example:

You put in 5,000 pesos in MIKO using your wallet. This 5,000 pesos is your “Risk Money”.

You did not withdraw since Day 1 and you keep on re-investing your 2% daily returns until your active investment expires and your money grows more than double already.

So when your active investment expires after 120 days, all your 2% daily returns are just sitting in your account balance as available money.

These available money will no longer earn 2% daily because it is not active. So you can be withdraw it daily subject to the daily withdrawal limit or maximum of $50 daily withdrawal limit whichever is greater. Or can be re-invested again to earn 2% daily.

Our 2020 Road Map

These are the current new changes as we continue to move along.

As we continue to move forward to face new challenges everyday, MIKO is here to stay and will continue to adopt the current market condition in order to sustain our WAIT AND EARN Business.

So expect more adjustments if its really needed but all I can assure you is that you are the winner in the end and you will continue to be more profitable in the long run regardless of the changes we made in the future.

Lastly, you can hop by at our very active Discord server to get real-time answers if you still have question. The link is in our homepage.

Until then, enjoy your 2% daily returns!



Temporary Rule For Daily Withdrawal Limit

Dear MIK.O Investors,

With the continuing drop of bitcoin price this year 1st-quarter of 2020, it seems that we are looking into the potential bitcoin price of around $7,000 USD within the next few weeks and potentially a much lower price of around $5,000 USD this 2nd-Quarter of 2020 to complete the channel as shown in the weekly price of BTCUSD chart below.

Weekly chart of BTC/USD from TradingView

What this means for MIK.O investors since Day 1 of our operation is that our money is trap and open trade positions are not yet profitable until bitcoin price resumes its BULL-RUN above $10,000 USD.

And so we need to come up with a temporary solution in order to cope up with the current market conditions and these are as follows:

Temporary Solution

Beginning today, withdrawal limit will be reduced to 0.50% of your “Active Investment. Withdrawal charges will also be reduced to 3% only to cover the standard “HIGH Network Fees”.


Lets say you have $1,000 USD active investment.

Everyday for 100 days, your $1,000 USD active investment will earn 2% daily. This includes 1% of your capital returned to you daily and 1% profits are also given to you daily for 100 days only.

So daily, you can withdraw 0.50% of your $1,000 USD active investment which is around $5.00 USD. Take note, this is PER DAY.

So if you multiply $5.00 USD times 30 days, you will actually get $150.00 USD per month; which is 15% interest per month on your active investment.

15% interest per month earnings from your active investment is really not bad considering that no financial institution will ever give you that high percentage of returns within a month.

MIK.O Interest VS. Bank Interest

In most banks, you are very lucky if you gain 2% interest in a year while in MIKO, you will gain 15% interest per month. That is a huge difference.

So if you look at the bigger picture, you will not get 15% monthly earnings if you put your money in the bank, while if you invest your money in MIK.O then you will gain 15% monthly interest.

Temporary solution only

And please take note that this is only temporary.

Once bitcoin price resumes its bull run, our open trades will profit again and when that happens, the potential monthly earnings of 60% is really possible.


And so to our old investors since day 1, I hope that you understand. We need to implement this temporary measures just to keep MIKO sustain the potential $5,000 price drop this coming 2nd quarter of 2020.

Good News For New Investors

To our potential new investors, now is really a good time to invest by buying bitcoin at its low price. So if you invest now, the potential of making huge money when bitcoin resumes its bull run is really huge!

And they I said that standard deposit fees are now 3% across the board? Yes! So why not deposit now?

That is all for this update. Enjoy and happy 2% daily earnings!


Heads Up All MIK.O Investors

Our trading business is not doing good as of the moment.

While the promise of doubling your money in 100 days is true and in fact, many have indeed doubled their money since the start of MIKO operation. this is not the case right now.

Bitcoin continues to drop and so we have no choice but to let go of our losing trade positions.

With this recent decision, it is assumed that all money is lost.

But because MIKO is NOT LIKE other HYIP out there that have turned into scam, we value our investors specially those that are not yet break-evens.

If you have MIKO and you are break-even already more so if you are profitable already, then this post is not for you.

So to all MIKO investors that are not yet break-even, do not worry.

We are re-grouping right now after the recent loss but its not the end of the world for us.

There’s still huge money to be made in trading so we are very positive and very optimistic about that.

In the meantime, while we are rebooting our main site, I am temporary transferring members that are not yet break-even to a holding site so their remaining investments will continue to earn so they can withdraw their money on a daily basis.

For example

You invested a total amount of $1,000. Then after some time, you have withdrawn a total of $650. So your remaining risk capital will only be $350.

This remaining amount of $350 will be invested into a new plan that earns 1.25% after 100 days.

So by the time your 100 days expired, you have withdrawn all your remaining capital plus your money earns approximately 3% per month which is not bad at all if you compare it to putting your money in the bank.

And so that will be all for this update.

Expect an email within this week because that email will contain a link and a login credential so you can login to the holding site to continue your 100 days active investments while we are rebooting the main site of MIKO within this week to begin our next trading journey.

And for more info, I suggest you head over to our Discord server for real-time updates.


How To Protect Your MIK.O Account From Hackers

Hacking is Real! You must protect your MIK.O account from hackers online.

To protect your MIK.O account, lets start with your email. The email address you used when you signup with MIK.O is as important as your MIK.O account so lets begin securing your email address.

Securing Your Gmail account

If you are using Gmail which we highly recommend that you use. Please follow the procedures below:

STEP 1: Login to your Gmail acccount. Once you’re logged in. Click the “Manage your Google Account” by clicking on your avatar on the upper right corner of the screen.

screenshot of your Gmail where the “Manage your Google Account” button can be found.

STEP 2: After you clicked on the “Manage your Google Account” button, you will be taken to your Google Account. Select the “Security” on the menu on the left.

screenshot of your Google Account showing the menu.

STEP 3: Under the “Signing in to Google” settings, make sure that the “2-Step Verification” is ON. By default, it is OFF so make sure you turn it ON.

screenshot of 2-Step Verification that is ON.

STEP 4: Also in the “Ways we can verify it’s you” settings, make sure that you enable your “Recovery phone” and that you also enable your “Recovery email”. By default, its NONE so make sure you put your phone and working other email address as your recovery options.

Follow these 4 Steps on how to secure your email so that everytime someone wants to hack your email, you will be notified thru SMS and via your recovery email that someone wants to access your account.

Note for Yahoo email users

We do not support Yahoo emails as it is not compatible with MIK.O. So if your registered MIK.O email is Yahoo, you can create a free Gmail account and once you have a Gmail, you can request to change your MIK.O email from Yahoo to Gmail by submitting a ticket to our offical support Help Desk.

Hacking Is Really Real!

Hacking is really real and can happen to you at any point in time. So after securing your email, your next important step is to secure your MIK.O account.

STEP 1: To secure your account, login to your MIK.O account and in your dashboard, click the “Secure Your Account Now!” button.

screenshot of MIK.O dashboard showing the “Secure Your Account Now!” button.

STEP 2: In your Security page, and under “Detect IP Address Change Sensitivity” section, you need to “Enable to High” and under “Detect Browser Change”, you also need to “Enable” the option.

screenshot of security settings to enable ” Detect IP Address Change Sensitivity” and “Detect Browser Change” settings.

By enabling these option, the MIK.O system will monitor your account and it will detect if someone or you is accessing your MIK.O account from a different IP address or from a different web browser.

If it is you who are accessing it, then there will be no issue as the MIK.O system will send an email to your registered email address containing a PIN Code.

You need to input the correct PIN Code in order to login successfully.

If you did not received an email containing a PIN Code, check your Gmail under the Spam folder or maybe under the Promotions tab because MIK.O emails sometimes arrived in those folders. You can whitelist MIK.O later so that all emails sent by MIK.O will arrive at your inbox.

STEP 3: Under the “Two Factor Authentication” settings, make sure that you enable this settings. Very Important!

screenshot showing the “Two Factor Authentication” settings

By enabling security settings both on your Gmail account and your MIK.O account, hackers will have a very hard time hacking your account.


MIK.O has only 1 official support that you can officially visit if you have issues.

And while we encourage you to join our Official Discord server, a hacker can easily disguise to be one of MIK.O member and will attempt to “Direct Message” you in Discord.

Our Official Discord server, is only used for real-time and quick updates and not to be used as official support.

We do not encourage you to communicate and please do not entertain with anyone inside Discord via “Direct Message” or ‘Private Message” specially if it pertains to your MIK.O account.

The owner of MIK.O (MagForex) disabled his DM settings so that no one can direct message him in Discord and that he will never direct message or private message anyone in Discord or in any messaging app specially when it comes to MIK.O.

The only way you can ask for support and get an official reply is through our Official Help Desk found at

So we hope that by creating this post, all MIK.O investors are now properly guided. Please pass this very important information to your downlines.