How To Prevent Future Issues With MIK.O

First of all, our MIK.O website is not just an ordinary website. It is not an ordinary blogsite (like this one that you are reading right now) where it only shows a bunch of articles and images for you to read.

Our MIK.O website is a complex financial website that is very similar to a Bank website where you do Online Banking.

Its complex programming allows for a decent computer or modern phones with stable internet connection to function properly.

So much like in an online banking website, you will have a hard time transacting with MIK.O if you are not using a modern phone or if your computer is outdated and more importantly, if you do not have a stable internet connection.

Stable internet connection is the number one reason why few investors have a hard time transacting with MIK.O.

Because most of the affected users are using “Data” internet or “Free Data”, they are affected with “Connectivity” issues thats why their internet connection is “erratic”.

When you have a slow internet connection, your login session is affected. So you may experience that when navigating certain portion of the website, you are automatically logged out. This happens when you are having internet connectivity issues.

Also, your deposit and withdrawal are affected if you have an “erratic” internet connection. Erratic connection means, unpredictable connection. Sometimes, your connection is good, but most of the time, your connection is bad. This has great impact on your overall experience because everything in MIK.O is about data.

Transmitting data within MIK.O session and transmitting data to and from the Blockchain network requires a regular pattern or predictable flow of data. Once that pattern or movement of data is unpredictable and get disrupted, you will surely get serious issues!

So to avoid future issues with MIK.O, try to connect to a stable internet connection. A decent WIFI is good enough. If you can afford a Fiber connection, that’s even better!

DO NOT USE DATA INTERNET OR FREE DATA or else, your experience with MIK.O may or may not get the best result that you expect.

So I hope that with this blogpost, all MIK.O Investors are properly guided.

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