How To Request For A Refund

Ok, I hear you MIK.O Investors who are affected by the “withdrawal glitch”.

Although its really not a withdrawal glitch on MIK.O side and I believe its more of a glitch on the User’s side due to slow Internet connection.

Nevertheless, if you requested a withdrawal and you received an email coming from MIK.O with subject “Withdrawal has been sent” and you did not received your withdrawals, this is what you need to do in order to claim a refund and get refunded.


Find the exact email and take a screenshot. Your screenshot must clearly show the email, the date, the amount, the btc address and most importantly, the batch ID.

example email sent to you with subject “Withdrawal has been sent”.


Open a Windows Notepad on your computer and “Copy/Paste” the contents of the email exactly as its written.

example of email contents copied to a Windows Notepad.


Go to and submit a ticket with subject “Request For A Refund” and follow the format as shown in the screenshot below.

example format on how to properly submit a support ticket.

You Will Be Refunded

If you follow the exact steps above and all the information matches our records, you will be refunded and the money will be available in your account balance.


We will only refund your claims if the batch ID cannot be found or has no record in the Blockchain.

example of a batch ID that cannot be found or has no record in the Blockchain.

Do not attempt to tamper the batch ID because we will compare your batch ID against the batch ID in our records for authenticity of your claims.

If we found out that you tampered the batch ID just to claim a refund, your MIK.O account will be disabled for good and all your funds will be freezed!

If your batch ID contains a record and the status is still “Unconfirned”, you will not get a refund because there is a transaction recorded in the Blockchain. You just have to wait until it has been “confirmed”, so you will get your money.

I hope that in this blogpost, all MIK.O Investors are properly guided.

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Oh you really? You have a good & big heart indeed Boss MagForex. Thank you so much for this Corrective Action taken into consideration on investors side. We will no longer wait for 100 days for our refund instead you give us this immediate solution that make us happy being with Mik.O. You make us truly proud being part of Mikonians family. Kudos to you Boss MagForex! May our Almighty Father gives you more blessings & abundance in life to fulfill your dreams, goals, & aspirations in life. God bless Mik.O forever!!!

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