How To Ask for Support and Follow Up The Right Way

If you have a MIK.O account and you have issues that you would like to address, then you can go to our official support website found at and submit a ticket.

screenshot of the miko support homepage

As you can see from the screenshot above that there are two (2) options. You can either “Submit a ticket” OR “View existing ticket”.

If this is your first time, you can select “Submit a ticket” to open the page where you can submit your issues along with relevant informations.

screenshot of the “Submit a ticket” page

When submitting a new ticket, please pay attention to the following:

  • Name – You must put your MIK.O registered Full Name
  • Email – You must put your MIK.O registered Email. This is the email address you used when you signup with MIK.O
  • Priority – Tell us your priority. If you need us to reset your account asap, you can choose “High”, but it it is not urgent, you can choose “Low”.
  • Subject – Tell us what is your issue? If it regards to resetting your account, put a subject “Request For Account Reset”. If its about anything else, then put a descriptive subject.
  • Message – Basically, we need 3 important information from you before we can accomodate your request. We need to know your MIK.O Username, we also need a copy of your Valid ID and we also need a Selfie holding ID (which is a photograph of you showing your face holding your ID). So you need to include these 3 important informations so that we can check and compare your credentials against your MIK.O account.
  • Attachments – This is where you can attach a copy of your Valid ID and Selfie holding ID.
  • Spam Prevention – This is to make sure that you are not a robot submitting the ticket so make sure to put the number you see on the field.
  • Submit ticket – Review all the details mentioned above and if everything is correct, you can submit the ticket and wait for a reply.

Example Submit Ticket

this is an example of how you should submit a ticket correctly

You will know that your ticket was submitted correctly because you will see a confirmation page that looks like the screenshot below.

screenshot of a ticket that was submitted successfully

You will also received an email confirmation about your ticket.

screenshot of an email confirmation so you know that your ticket was indeed submitted successfully

We will try to reply as soon as possible but depending on the situation, expect a reply within 24-48 hours.

NOTE: Every ticket you submitted has a unique ID. Pay attention to the Ticket ID.

If after 24-48 hours and you haven’t hear from us, you can follow up by selecting the “View existing ticket”.

To view your existing ticket, just note your ticket ID and go back to and select “View existing ticket”.

In the “View ticket” page, input your ticket ID and your email to view your existing ticket and from there, you can read our reply if we already replied or you can type a message to do a follow up.

IMPORTANT! Do not submit a new ticket if your intention is to only view or follow up your previous ticket.

If it is a new issue, then you can submit a new ticket. but if the issue is related to the previous tickets you already submitted, just view the ticket using the ticket ID so you can read all conversations and do a follow up if necessary.

We hope that through this post, all MIK.O investors are now properly guided. Please pass this information to your downlines.

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Maraming salamat po sa impormasyon. Nang sa gayun may gabay na po kami kung paano paraan para maiabot ang aming katanungan tungkol kay miko.

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