When Transaction batch ID cannot be found

UPDATE: You can now request a refund if you’re affected by this issue. Instruction can be found on this POST.

Dear MIK.O Investors,

Since the start of MIK.O operation way back August of 2019, we have over a thousand active members and it’s growing at a very rapid pace.

This can be seen when viewing the Homepage because the numbers are shown in real-time.

screenshot of MIK.O homepage showing total active members at the time of this writing

With this phenomenal growth, members are actively depositing and withdrawing on a daily basis as can be seen from the last 10 deposits and withdrawals of the current time.

screenshot of MIK.O homepage showing last deposits and withdrawals at the time of this writing

Note that everyday, active members are withdrawing money from MIK.O system and without issues.

Money has been credited to their wallet sometimes within minutes only. Other times it takes hours depending on the Blockchain Network traffic.

Out of the thousand active members, there are very few members who experienced a withdrawal glitch.

This glitch pertains to the withdrawal has been sent email but the Batch ID cannot be found on the Blockchain Network and therefore, no money has arrived to user wallet.

What Really Happened?

Before we proceed, please note that there is a MINIMUM and MAXIMUM withdrawal limit in MIK.O as of the moment. The minimum withdrawal that you can request in a day is $2 USD while the maximum withdrawal that you can request in a day is $200 USD worth of bitcoins. If someone request a withdrawal below the minimum (less then $2) or above the minimum (more than $200) then it will be pending and will not be processed by the system.

So everytime a member request a withdrawal, our system will process the request almost immediately.

Note: MIK.O system is FULLY AUTOMATED and will work 24/7 without human intervention. All deposits, withdrawals, referral commissions and daily 2% earnings are processed and calculated automagically!

So during the withdrawal process, the system will not only sent the money to your wallet address, it will also dispatch an email to notify the user that a “Withdrawal has been sent” already.

This email with subject “Withdrawal has been sent” contains the user address the money is being sent to and a Batch ID for the transaction.

This Batch ID is important because this serves as a “Receipt” to show if a transaction has been processed or not or whether a transaction is valid or not.

Blockchain Explorer

There are many FREE Online Blockchain Explorers that we can use to trace a transaction using just the Batch ID. One site is called where they provide a very handy page so you can explore the transactions.

screenshot of blockchain explorer.

using a blockchain explorer, you can search for a particular transaction either via the address or via a batch ID.

When you search for a transaction in the Blockchain Network using a batch ID, it will show you the records that is associated with that batch ID.

Confirmed Transaction

screenshot of a typical confirmed transaction

As seen from the screenshot above, you will see a “Summary” and “Details” when a transaction was successfully processed and included in the Block.

When you see that the “Status” is “Confirmed”, it is guaranteed that the money will be in your wallet within any minute from the time it was confirmed.

Unconfirmed Transaction

screenshot of a typical unconfirmed transaction

When you see a “Status” of “Unconfirmed”, it means that the Network Miners responsible for processing all transactions to be included in the Blockchain Network does not yet processed your transaction.

About Network Miners

Network Miners are responsible for processing all transactions in the Blockchain Network.

Without these “Miners”, no transaction will be shown in the Blockchain Network.

Only “Network Miners” can process a transaction and include transactions in the “Blocks” so that everyone can see a transaction in the Blockchain Network also known as the “Public Ledger”.

Network Fees

That is why everytime we send bitcoins to another bitcoin address, we pay a “Network Fee” because “Network Miners” are being paid in order to process the transaction.

These “Network Miners” are programmed to prioritized a HIGH network fee.

So if the network fee you attach to your transaction when sending bitcoin is HIGH, then you are priority in the list and your transaction will be processed within minutes.

If on the other hand, you attach a LOW network fee to your transaction when you send bitcoins, you are less priority and your transaction is the last to be processed when all high and medium fee transactions are done processing.

So if you attach a LOW network fee to your transaction, do not expect your transaction to be confirmed within minutes. Depending on the Network traffic, UNCONFIRMED transactions can typically last several hours or worst, it could take up days depending on the availability of the Miners and how motivated they are.

screenshot of a typical unconfirmed transaction

The Good News

The good news is that whether its “Confirmed” or “Unconfirmed”, for as long as the batch ID contains a “Summary” and “Details” of the transaction, you can rest assured that the money will be sent to the recipient address.

You just have to wait for minutes (if you attached a high network fee) or few hours ( if you attached a medium network fee) to several hours ( if you attached a low network fee) but eventually, the money will arrive in the recipient wallet depending on the traffic in the network.

The Bad News

screenshot of no records in the blockchain when traced using batch ID

The bad news is that when batch ID cannot be found, there there was no transaction that took place.

Remember that the network miners are responsible for processing transactions. If they refuse to process a transaction, it will not be included in the block. So if there was no block of transaction, obviously, there is no record for that if you trace the network using batch ID.

So Where Did The Money Go?

If no trace of transaction, then money did not go elsewhere. Its that simple!

So if you request a withdrawal in MIK.O and batch ID was not found, then the money is still in your account and did not go anywhere.

If you received an email that a “Withdrawal has been sent” already and no record for batch ID, its because MIK.O is fully automated. The email was already dispatched while your request is being processed.

So if the Network rejects the transaction or that no miner ready to pick up the transaction, then no money leaves your account. But because our system is FULLY AUTOMATED, MIK.O thinks that the process has been done already that is why it sends the email and deducted your balance even though, there was really no transaction that ever transpired.

A Glitch In the System?

This is not a glitch because, when MIK.O sends the money and pushed it in the Network, it got an acknowledgement reply from the Network via a TXID (computer jargon for blockchain programming) and this TXID is the basis for MIK.O to send the email.

Its like saying, “I will send you the money now for the goods” and you replied… “Ok, send the money now”… then after a while, you realized that you dont have the goods. So what do you do? you will not accept the money because you cannot deliver the goods, right?

This is whats happening under the hood. When MIK.O receieves a TXID from the Blockchain Network, it sends the email and deduct the money from your balance.

But for some reason, the Network rejects it or maybe miners was not able to process and include it in the block, thats why there was no record when traced using batch ID.

This is what happens, so its not a glitch. Its just how it works and we have to bare with it as of the moment.

Balance Has Been Deducted. What Now?

So money did not go elsewhere because no transaction has ever take place. If there was, then batch ID will contain a summary and details. But if there was none, then no record can be found in the Network.

So if money did not leave your account, the money is still there. But because you see that your balance has been deducted, you are now worried as to what will happen to money because it has been deducted but you did not receive it.

Here Is The Deal!

The money did not go elsewhere so I suggest you do not worry. If your balance has been deducted, then so be it. Do not worry.

Why? because money did not go elsewhere. So instead of worrying, just note the error and pretend nothing happens. But do note the error.

Just proceed to request a withdrawal again until you can successfully withdraw. Because 99.99% of the time, you can withdraw! just like the rest of the thousand members who are withdrawing everyday.

Note The Error.

I said, you do not worry, but note the error. Note the following:

  • Note the email you received with subject “Withdrawal has been sent” where we can see the date you request, your address and most importantly, the batch ID. We need to clearly see the batch ID.
  • Screenshot the email “Withdrawal has been sent” so you have copy.
  • Copy the email “Withdrawal has been sent” in a windows Notepad so that you can just copy/paste the batch ID if needed later on.

We need these things, because after 100 days, your money should have doubled! Right?

Remember our plan?

Double your money after 100 days.

So you get 2% daily returns and after 100 days have passed and your active investment have expired, you will get 200% return.

2% daily returns X 100 days = 200% returns after 100 days expiry

If after 100 days have expired and you get 200% returns for the money you deposit, then there are no issue.

If after 100 days, you see that you only get less than 200% because of the withdrawal issue you encountered before, then there is an issue.

You Will Be Refunded

We can solve your issue by refunding you whats missing.

If you only get 198% after 100 days, then we will refund the 2% that is missing. Basically, we will refund until you get the 200% return after 100 days because that is the PROMISE!

That is why, I told you, DO NOT WORRY. if you experience a withdrawal issue and MIK.O sent you an email that a ‘Withdrawal has been sent” already and no records in the blockchain and you did not received your withdrawal; DO NO WORRY. because we will check it after 100 days and we will REFUND the balance that is due to you.

So do not worry, Ok?

Why Not Refund Now?

The reason we cannot refund you now is because there are cases of delayed transaction confirmation in the blockchain.

There are cases that when you traced a transaction now and no result; then when you trace the same transaction again after days, weeks, or months, the transaction has result already.

one case where a user experience a no record in the blockchain but eventually the record appears and he gets the money.

So If I refund you know and after a while, the transaction gets confirmed say after months, then you will receive the money. And therefore, after 100 days, you will get more than 200% returns assuming you did not re-invest your earnings.

And we don’t want that to happen because if you do not re-invest your earnings, you should only get 200% after 100 days. Nothing more; Nothing less.

Do you get what I mean?

So thats why, we need to wait after 100 days before we can issue a refund so that we can be assured that everybody will be compensated and that MIK.O will not get bankrupt!

On Second Thought

Btw, if you keep on re-investing or you keep on investing your 2% daily earnings, you will not only get 200% after 100 days. You will get approximately more than 700% returns after 100 days.

So which one do you prefer? a 200% returns after 100 days? (No re-investing) or more than 700% returns after 100 days. (with re-investing)

If you ask me, the logic is very simple. If I put $100 today and it earns just 10% after 100 days regardless whether there was a glitch or not then I am more than happy because I will not get that insane return if I put my money in the bank!

Do you agree? let me know in the comments below.

Until then, I wish you a profitable day. Enjoy your 2% daily earnings!


2 replies on “When Transaction batch ID cannot be found”

I can vouch and testify to this:

Base on my own experience, Since day 1 wala nmang issues. Automated ang lahat.. kung mali ang btc address na nairegister, paktay, personal issues na yun 🤣, and when I say from day 1, I mean from August 19, 2019, up to present January 27, wala naman pong issues.

Wala po akong issue ki MIKO and I prefer more than 700% after 100 days by re-investing my daily earnings until I hit my target investment.
Salamat po sa Dios dahil ki MIKO maraming buhay ang nagbago at magbabago. Go President MagForex.

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